Friday, May 3, 2013

Road to MCSA: Week 3

Dude, week 3 has been a major letdown. I planned on knocking out objectives 4 and 5 in one week just like I did with objectives 2 and 3 last week. Week 3 has hit me hard because I've been incredibly busy with my full-time job and my job outside my professional life. So, I've only managed to barely get through objective 4 studying Zacker's book. I still have videos from TrainSignal to watch. My plan is to watch those this weekend.

Highlights of objective 4:
* New DHCP failover options: load-balancing and hot-standby. Very cool.
* Subnetting: always interesting.
* IPv6: another one of those always interesting topics.

Road to MCSA: Week 2

Week 2 was a huge success. I was able to get through objectives 2 and 3 in that week without speed reading or skipping "stuff I know." I read carefully the chapters in Zacker's book and watched the videos offered from Trainsignal. I also did the exam exercises. Guess what? I also learned "stuff." It was a good week.

Things I especially liked from the week:
* ReFS
* High availability printing
* Hyper-V, i.e., all of it: virtual storage, scalability, virtual networks, etc.
* Remote management via server manager
* of course, doing all of the above in powershell!