Monday, May 21, 2012

Network+ test coming up soon!

My comptia network+ exam is this coming Wednesday! Am I nervous? Yeah, I am just a little bit nervous. I've read Mike Meyers' Network+ book two times through, now working on the third reading prepping for Wednesday. I didn't think a third reading would be beneficial, but it actually has been beneficial for me. Subnetting makes more sense now and so does distance-vector and link-state routing. So, this third reading had rocked so far.

I'm also working on my official third year as an IT professional. By 'official' I mean employed. Before employment I was a tech enthusiast, but not professional. I think working in the IT field helps tremendously with these exams, but I guess I can't know that for sure until I pass the Net+ exam this coming Wednesday.

Buy Mike's Network+ book here. Note: I'm studying the 2009/4th edition book because that is the exam I registered to take. The 2012 exams, I believe, are out and ready for registration and so are the books. I know for sure that Mike's 4th edition book is solid and well worth using for prepping, but I can't say for sure if his newest book is a good tool because I haven't personally used it. However, based on my experience with his books, I'm sure it's a good read and tool. 

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