Monday, March 25, 2013

Make file explorer available in RDWeb

I thought this was pretty cool. This may not be anything new for RDWeb pros, but I discovered this possibility the other day and thought, "Why not share this on my blog?"

First things first: I haven't found a way to make the file explorer match the logged in user's profile, e.g. if jausten logs in to RDWeb, runs file explorer then she will see all of the available folders instead of only seeing her own documents folder. Why? Because this file explorer is the file explorer on the RDWeb server instead of the file explorer that is in jausten's ad profile. Make sense?

Login to your RDWeb server.
Launch remoteapp manager. 

Click add remoteapp program. 
In the "choose programs to add to the..." window, click browse 
In the "choose a program" explorer window browser to c:\windows then choose explorer.exe

File explorer is now a part of the remoteapp programs on your RDWeb site. Cool. Just remember to tell your users not to treat the file explorer as their work drive for their own documents. Then why add the file explorer to the remoteapps list? Example: if your rdweb users are on a team then they can share their project files there.There are other examples I'm sure.

Please let me know if you are going to or have done anything with file explorer in rdweb beyond what I have done in this blog post. I would like to hear about it.

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