Monday, March 11, 2013

xPrintServer Office Edition Review

xPrintServer Office edition is an excellent product! A product that is definitely worth the money. It's easy to setup and easy to configure if needed. This is nearly plug-and-play. I say nearly because I did have to go into the admin panel of the device and run the "discover" feature two times. I'll get to the that. For right now, know this is an excellent product.

The product comes in very nice packaging that has a clean style design. When I unboxed it I was amazed at the size of the device. It's about the size of an iPhone! I had read that on the product specs sheet but being the skeptical guy I am and didn't think it would actually be that size. Also in the box is an ethernet cable, power supply with adapters, wall mount kit (bracket and 2 screws), and rubber feet for those who don't want to wall mount their xPrintServer. As you can see in the picture you can connect a usb printer to it. I must admit, this reviewer hasn't tried that option. I've read positive things about that option, but I haven't tried that myself. Yet. If I do I will update this review.

I connected the device to our network via an ethernet calbe to our main switch. After it was connected and powered on, the LED network lights flickered and the device light at first flickered very fast then flickered slowly; this is the discover phase. I grabbed an iPad that was connected to our network via wifi. I browsed to a page then went to the printer options for safari. Only one printer was available. There should have been 3 printers available. I went ahead and printed the page just for testing and it worked just as it should have worked. After that, I went into the admin panel of the xPrintServer device. After running the discover tool
two times all 3 printers were discovered. I checked with my iPad to find that all 3 printers were ready for printing.

Aside from the device not auto-disovering all the printers at once, this device has been great. Setup is a breeze. Even the "extra" stuff I had to do was super easy and fast. All of this happened in less than 10 minutes. How great is that? You can't ask for more than that right?

In addition to enabling your iOS and Mac OS devices to print without any software or app installation, xPrintServer Office admin panel also has cool stuff for admins like: job status and viewer, log viewer, network configuration for the device, manually add a printer, and driver installation.

I highly recommend xPrintServer Office edition to those offices in need of printing from iOS devices and don't want to have to purchase iPad and iPhone printing enabled printers.

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