Friday, April 5, 2013

Windows 7 SP1 not offered in Windows Update? Dude what's up with that?


Dude, what's up with that? Is that correct response. You're mad at Microsoft. "Everyone else is getting it! Why am I not?" You fold your arms, pooch out your bottom lip and give Microsoft the most evil stare of all time. Of all time!

Maybe it's not Microsoft. Maybe. I encountered this problem on a machine this week. I was doing my, ahem, weekly (okay maybe checks on the machines in the network. I noticed one didn't have Windows 7 Pro SP1.


That was released a loooong time back. For the shop the machine is in, I have automatic Windows Updates set. I noticed the other handful of machines were all up to date and yes, this machine was still "up to date," but not SP1 "up to date." What to do? Scouring Microsoft support I found an article with some helpful information. This article gives six methods on how to receive the SP1 update if it's not offered in Windows Update.

Method 1: Confirm that Windows 7 SP1 is not already installed and that you are not running a prerelease version of Windows 7 SP1

Method 2: Check for pending updates

Method 3: Verify that an incompatible version of SafeCentral is not installed on your computer

Method 4: Check whether you have Intel integrated graphics driver Igdkmd32.sys or Igdkmd64.sys and whether you upgraded the driver

Method 5: Make sure that you did not use vLite to customize your Windows 7 installation

Method 6: Download the Windows 7 SP1 from Microsoft Download Center

Method 4 worked for me. The machine had the integrated graphics driver and the update for that driver was in the "optional updates" section of Windows Update so it wasn't installed automatically. 

After running the driver update for the integrated graphics and a reboot, the SP1 update was offered as an update. That's fresh if you ask me.

Now, you might say, "That's nice, but I don't have Intel GMA or anything else recommended to check in the methods. What now?" Still, the driver might be installed and disabled which is why it's not showing in DxDiag. It might be that at one time you used the onboard graphics which means the Intel driver was installed on the machine but you disabled it because you added a graphics card. The driver is still installed, if that is the case, and Windows is seeing that driver thus not offering you the SP1 update.

Go into your BIOS and enable the onboard graphics again.
Check for updates in Windows update.
The Intel driver will most likely show up.
Install the update.
Search for Windows updates.
SP1 should be offered now.
Install it and the many other updates offered after reboot.

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